Introducing "Workflow Automation" - The Drag and Drop Automation

Create visual marketing flows that acquire, engage and retain customers

work flow automation

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Capture Lead Across Devices

Capture the identity of your first time visitors using targeted campaigns including browser push subscription, on-site lead capture forms and more.

work flow automation

Retarget Users Who Abandon The Sign-up Page

Reach out to visitors who abandon the sign-up page with automated push campaigns.

On-board New Customers With Welcome Campaign

Give your new customers a walkthrough of your online store or mobile app through a welcome campaign.

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flow automation

Automate Drip Campaigns Based On Segmentation Rules

Set-up an automated drip campaigns and target customers as they meet segmentation criteria.

Retarget Browse Abandoners Across Channels To Bring Them Back

Bring browse abandoners back to your store by targeting them with timely, multichannel engagement based on their browsing history.

flow automation
ecommerce marketing automation

Engage Customers With Timely Updates On Items In Wishlist

Send messages with updates for items in their wishlist.

Re-target Cart Abandoners Across Channels

Set-up a drip campaign to retarget cart abandoners with cart-level updates across channels.

work flow automation

Automate Price Drop, Back In Stock Alerts And More

Send alerts such as price drop, back in stock and more for items in the customer's shopping cart.

Set-up Campaigns For Payment Failures

Timely-trigger the payment link to your customers across multiple channels post a transaction failure.

ecommerce marketing automation
work flow automation

Keep Customers Informed With Transactional Messages

Send shipping updates, order details and other transactional emails to keep your users informed.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Using Product Recommendations Across Channels

Engage users across channels with recommendations that are personalized based on their individual behaviour

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Increase CLV With Automated Lifecycle Campaigns

Easily set-up campaigns that target customers across their entire lifecycle to truly maximise their lifetime value.

Trigger Alert Campaign For Subscription Renewal

Remind your customers to renew their subscription by sending timely triggered automated alerts.

work flow automation

Seamless Integration with most eCommerce platforms

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