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Engage Customers with The Right Messaging

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Personalize Every Single Message

Deliver hyper-personalised messages to your users based on their social, demographic or behavioural data.

Stop Promo Code Abuse

Deliver unique promo codes to every user across multiple channels. Advanced features include anti-gaming technology to prevent promo code abuse.

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Recover Abandoned Carts With Ease

Dedicated cart recovery solution which lets you target cart abandoners on multiple channels including Email, SMS, Browser Push and Mobile Push.

Track Uninstall Alerts

Reduce app churn by gaining user-level insights which help you understand your customers' behaviour better

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Handle Any Device Effectively

Problem : Chinese brand smartphones hold approximately 48% of the entire marketshare. Sending push notifications on these devices is always a challenge. Solution : With Betaout, you need not worry. We ensure your customers get the message irrespective of their device type.

Target Based On Geolocation

Trigger push messages to users within a specific geolocation radius and time range, as desired.

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Boost Conversions Using Dynamic Product Recommendations

Recommend products to users they are most likely to purchase based on their behaviour on your online store.

Convert Visitors Into Customers

Engage people who've installed your mobile app but never completed a purchase using data-driven activation campaigns.

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Seamless Integration with most eCommerce platforms

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