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Keep Customers Informed With Transactional Emails

Timely-triggered shipping updates, order details and other transactional emails to keep users informed.

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Send Product Recommendations To Upsell & Cross-Sell

Emails with personalized product recommendations that are generated based on user’s behaviour on your online store.

Automate Price Drop, Back In Stock Alerts

Send alerts such as price drop, back in stock and more for items in user's shopping cart and wishlist.

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Email marketing tool for Ecommerce

Deliver 1:1 Unique Promo Codes

Stop promo code abuse by delivering one-to-one personalized emails with unique promo codes.

Trigger Renewal Alert Emails For Subscriptions

Remind your customers to renew their subscription by sending timely automated email alerts.

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Collect One-Click NPS Feedback

Create an automated event triggered campaign to conduct an NPS Survey post product delivery.

Reactivate Lost Customers Through Win Back Campaigns

Strengthen your funnel performance by targeting dormant customers with drip campaigns aimed at winning them back.

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Boost Sales Through Promotional Emails

Boost sales by keeping customers engaged through promotional emails and timely newsletters.

Convert Your Email Subscribers Into Customers

Send targeted, personalized emails and get your email list subscribers to make their first purchase.

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On-board Users Through Welcome Campaigns

Give your new customers a walk through of your online store or mobile app through a series of welcome emails.

Seamless Integration with most eCommerce platforms

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