Join hundreds of customers who have sent millions of highly targeted messages across channels each month using Betaout’s powerful segmentation tool.

Use Cases

micro customer segmentation

Use deep segmentation with precision to better target your customers

customer segmentation software

Harness the strength of RFM Analytics to segment and target your customers differently

ecommerce customer segmentation software

Segregate recent purchasers from customers who have not transacted in a while. Engage them through different campaigns

Segment Builder

Effective list segmentation is the key to sending the right message to the right person.

Betaout’s advanced segmentation functionality lets you create complex customer segments based on multiple targeting options, such as user property, events, sessions, purchase behavior, product interaction, campaign engagement and more.

behavioral customer segmentation
 customer segmentation softwares

Customer Segmentation Insights

Get the complete overview of all your segments at one place with our customer grid.

Discover your high-value and low-value segments based on RFM analysis so that you can easily decide which segment need your immediate focus. This single graph will show you the health of your key segments.

Lifecycle Segmentation Analytics

Understanding your segments is important, which is why we show you the detailed insights of every customer segment.

For each segment, we show you: the number of customers, total revenue from that segment, number of orders; with or without promo codes.

Lifecycle Segmentation Analytics
 customer segmentation tool

Users Overview

You can drill down users in a particular segment to get insights like their lifecycle stage, email id, customer id, phone number, and their first and last seen date.

You can click on any user to check his detailed profile.

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Love It

"I love Betaout for the ability to easily create customer segments and then personalize and automate our marketing. Their support is top-notch and they have great templates for emails."

Goonjan Mall
Founder at Online Prasad

Must Have

"We've been using Betaout for quite some time now to get a better understanding of our customers and to stay connected with them using email and other forms of engagement."

Srishti Kush
Founder at Sheroes

Highly Recommended

"Betaout is an amazing product. My marketing team loves it. Would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company who wants to build long lasting relationship with their customer base."

Ankur Malhotra
AVP-Marketing at PayTM

Efficient Automation

"Betaout has been quite useful in improving efficiency of the campaigns we run on different channels, the segmentation and automation features they have are really helpful."

Shrey Sehgal
Founder at Flower Aura

All In One
Ecommerce Customer Segmentation Software For Your Entire Team

 lifecycle marketing programs
Real-Time Segmentation

All our segments are updated in real-time so, whenever new people are added to your list, they will automatically be added to the rule-based segments.

 online marketing segmentation
Limitless Segmentation

We allow you to create unlimited segments based on location, age, gender, behavior, engagement, and much more.

 customer segmentation analysis
One-click Targeting

Target any pre-build segment with a single click.

 behavioral segmentation
Cross-channel Targeting

We let you target your segments across all marketing channels like; email, on-site, SMS, push.

segmentation of customers
Import Segment Data

We allow you to add contacts in any segment you want. Just gather those contacts in a CSV to import.

marketing segmentation tools
Quick Easy Segmentation

Segmenting your database is important because all your contacts are not created equal, but getting started is a daunting task. Well, segmentation doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming; with Beatout you can create complex segments with zero tech involvement, in minutes.

segmentation and targeting
Behavioural Segmentation

Segment contacts by actions they take on your website or mobile app.

segmentation in marketing
Define Your Own Life-cycle

Your customers – your rules. We allow you to define lifecycle stages based on your criteria.

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