Just Drag-And-Drop

Betaout's Campaign Design Editor is extremely easy-to-use with instant drag-and-drop functionality

Use Across Channels

Campaign editor enables you to create and consume your designs across multiple marketing channels such as Email, On-site, Mobile Push etc.

Save Time & Effort

No more spending hours designing campaigns with HTML. Betaout's Campaign Design Editor allows you to create beautiful campaigns in a few minutes

Zero Tech Involvement

Create high-end, responsive designs without any coding or any form of tech involvement

Feautured On

Design It. Save It. Reuse It.

Create beautiful, device responsive designs with rich elements in under five minutes using the single click drag-and-drop tool. Betaout's advanced Campaign Design Editor automatically saves your designs so you can reuse them across multiple channels

Tools & Customizations

Custom Design Your Templates & Consume Across Email, Push, On Site Or SMS

Dynamic Personalized Content

Never send the same, undifferentiated message to your customers. Now target them with highly-personalized content by including dynamic user properties attributed to their purchase behaviour, demography and more.

Intelligent Cart Recovery

Now recover your lost carts with ease. Betaout's Campaign Design Editor enables you to tailor your customer engagement with cart recovery tokens with a single-click drag-and-drop. Create a cart recovery design and consume it across channels for a higher level of engagement.

Product Recommendation Engine

Leverage on the data that you capture from your customers' behaviour. The tool allows you to incorporate product recommendations for your customers based on their individual purchase and browse behaviour on your e-commerce store.

Include Unique Promocodes

Now send unique promocode to all your users. Using Betaout's Campaign Design Editor, you can include unique promocodes in your campaign designs for each and every customer.

Reusable Elements

With campaign editor you can get the complete package of widgets, for free. We have included advanced widgets like Carousel, Editor and many others.

Here Are Our Little Design Helpers

Responsive Design

The term 'Responsive Design' has now been worn out, but Betaout's Campaign Design Editor truly lives upto its promise. Campaign designs created using the tool are universally-responsive, and can be previewed with a single-click mobile view to see how they'll look on mobile.

Use Cases

Recover Lost Revenue

Now you can recover lost shopping carts by using Betaout Campaign Design Editor's Cart Recovery tool. Simply drag-and-drop dynamic cart properties to your template and target your abandoning customers across multiple channels.

Recommend Cross-Selling Products To Your Customers

You can target customers with cross-selling oppurtunities using the tool's machine-learning powered recommendation Engine. Simply drag-and-drop the kind of dynamic product recommendations you want to include in your customer engagements and you're all set.

Create Cross-Channel Urgency

Create urgency among your customers across multiple channels like Email, Mobile Push, On-site Marketing etc. by using enticeful design across channels. Add elements such as carousel countdown timers to create a sense of urgency.

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"I love Betaout for the ability to easily create customer segments and then personalize and automate our marketing. Their support is top-notch and they have great templates for emails."

Goonjan Mall
Founder at Online Prasad

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"We've been using Betaout for quite some time now to get a better understanding of our customers and to stay connected with them using email and other forms of engagement."

Srishti Kush
Product Manager at Sheroes

Highly Recommended

"Betaout is an amazing product. My marketing team loves it. Would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company who wants to build long lasting relationship with their customer base."

Ankur Malhotra
AVP-Marketing at PayTM

Efficient Automation

"Betaout has been quite useful in improving efficiency of the campaigns we run on different channels, the segmentation and automation features they have are really helpful."

Shrey Sehgal
Founder at Flower Aura

With Campaign Editor you get complete package of widgets, for free. We have included advanced widgets like Carousel, Editor and many others.

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